Martial Arts Intuition

If they weren’t already a black belt, I would have given them one right there.

THAT was the element of the martial arts that is impossible to *teach*, that can only be felt in class, capturing the *feeling* of budo and listening to it outside of the dojo.

Certainly there are physical components on the black belt side- the ability to demonstrate the kihon, have solid, fluid movement, be committed to the art, but what about the intangibles?

The non-physical side?

They had been riding in the car for a few hours, stuck out in stop and go traffic on Long Island. Hungry, and needing to be sharp for the presentation, there was now going to be no time to stop and eat beforehand.

Pulling into a gas station/convenience store they grabbed some quick food and got on line. While waiting online, the person in front of them started to act up, argue, and raise their voice with the attendant, before quickly leaving the store.

A real bad energy in the air.

They had a feeling- an urge to leave the store. What did they do? The put the food down, left, and got in the car.

The rational thinking mind- the complete opposite of mushin often shuts down these feelings.

They picked up on a feeling, and without thinking went with the flow of it.

That is a black belt.

That is ninpo.

I can’t teach that.

The *best* I can do is set up and offer the transmission of it in class, and leave it to you to capture and experience the feeling.

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