Martial Arts Kyusho Weak Points

In exploring kyusho (weak points) in the martial arts we first need to look at the relationship between them and kamae (martial arts postures).

On the human body there are various weak points when manipulated through striking, movement, and manipulation break down the movement ability of the human body.

Martial arts body postures known as kamae are linked to kyusho in that they protect the vital points of your own body, while exposing the weak points in your training partner’s body. The postures you assume in movement determine what is protected and what is exposed between you and your training partner.

That is one of the reasons why we drill postures and foot work movement so much. Vital. The first and most familiar/well known layer of kyusho is found in atemi- striking methods.

Points on the body which are hit with various different fist types to disrupt movement. Effective. But is important to evolve the understanding of kyusho beyond this.

There is also kyusho in movement. Using kamae with your training partner to force them to move in ways not supported by the joints, muscles, and structures of the human body- which cause a breakdown in movement at certain points.

An example of this would be knowing when and how to step on your training partner’s foot as they move.

Moving beyond the ability to effect movement by just striking these vital points, understanding that they are also found in movement, space, distance, and timing- interaction without even touching your training partner.

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