Martial Arts Striking Techniques

In the martial arts we have many different fists- ways of holding the hand and using the feet, matching with the correct kyusho (weak point) on our training partner for effect.

We approach martial arts techniques (waza) as ways to shut down and prevent the movement of our training partner. Consider the ten ryaku no maki as teaching you how to move, the chi ryaku no maki as ways to prevent your training partner from moving, and in the jin ryaku no maki the unification of heaven and earth coming together.

Thinking of striking as a way to shift the weight around of your training partner, shifting the weight onto one leg, keeping them in place, or shifting the weight high and sending them away with the strike.

Striking beyond just pain compliance, but as a way- through the 18 fists, to prevent the opportunity to move, creating opportunity for you to move.

See you on the mat!

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