Martial Arts Striking Vs. Grappling Techniques

If one was watching one of our training classes, would it be fair to say that our taijutsu is primarily grappling?

We do seem to spend a ton of time throwing around training partners in class.

What about striking.

Taijutsu should *be* in the moment.

In that moment, based on distance, timing, and rhythm, if we hit, we hit.

If we throw, we throw.

Distance, timing, and rhythm determines that for us.

But in class, with a training partner, this is a time to interact with different body types and ways people move. A challenge of sorts, and generally speaking grappling requires a partner to really practice, while there are some elements of striking that can be worked on without a partner.

We have a partner in class, so we tend to focus on using that partner to learn how to move.

But taijutsu is *very* much also striking.

A question regarding atemi- striking.

When you strike, is there a difference in power and ability to use your right vs. left hand?

There should be no right or left, difference between the two.

Why does it seem to be this way with hands and not feet- punching vs. kicking?

See you on the mat!

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