Martial Arts Teacher Personailty

What is the best martial art for you to study?

In exploring what martial art to study there are many considerations in terms of personal goals, outcomes, and the reasons *why*.

Health, fitness, self defense, spirituality, etc. are all factors and offer amazing potential in the arts.

This leads us to style- finding a style and/or tradition that offers the reasons why one want’s to explore the arts in the first place.

But this is only half of the puzzle, taking that next step in locating a school or dojo is also important.

The teacher is the other important part of the equation.

How a teacher shares the art is important, the personality and methods of transmission.

Some are very strict and might just be what a person needs based at this moment in life.

Others more relaxed.

Some explain every movement, while others leave it up to the student to figure out.

Many are a mix of all these qualities.

Finding a relatable teacher is important as one will be spending a good amount of time learning and growing with that teacher.

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