Martial Arts Training In The Winter

Extremes are a matter of opinion.

Here in New York we have well defined seasons, one transitioning to the other, and in our martial arts practice, there is a reason why we train outdoors to take advantage of the natural changes of the seasons.

In the spring, summer, and fall the weather is perfect, and one couldn’t imagine training indoors.


Not so much.

Winter seems early this year, already one of the coldest on record, we have had temperatures that are equal to end of December early January weather.

Pursuing fudoshin, training continues.

Training changes in the winter, very much tactical changes, that might take an entire season of reflection to begin to even see. In this way it becomes taijutsu philosophy in action.

An example?

A hint of where to look?

10 AM, out in the cold, bundled up, fighting spirit ready to go.

Training in the tenchijin ryaku no maki, but somehow it is different.

The distance, timing, and rhythm is off/different.

Clothes- physical layers over each other reduce mobility, we sometimes move a bit stiffer and higher.

The mind is sharp, but the cold slows down the reaction time of the body.

What is the *correct* distance to start at normally, now needs to be extended a bit as the new *normal* for training.

Things take a bit more time.

And it’s only November.

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