Martial Arts Training Outdoors

We just had the first real soaking rain of Autumn here in the Northeast.

Quickly the leaves are turning, and while we are only half way through the Fall season, Winter is slowly rapprochement.

The days are not as warm despite all the sunshine, and the evenings are colder.

In the West, when one thinks of a traditional martial arts dojo, what images come to mind?

An asian styled building, with an open tatami mat, training weapons on the wall?

A modern gym, with training equipment, punching bags, and other sports equipment?

For the first half of my journey in the martial arts, the majority of my training was in a dedicated dojo- a martial arts school as one would think in the West, and I very much loved the experience.

It was a refuge from the world, a place of martial friends, and everything that a school should be.

I loved the tradition and the uniform.

The formality.

To date, for the second half of my martial arts journey the majority of my training has been held outside, year round.

A number of years ago it was suggested by my teacher that training outside, understanding nature, would be good for developing fudoshin and understanding the spirit of ninpo ikkan.

At first it was strange, a different kind of *dojo*, and alien like place.

Now, to practice anywhere else feels artificial and strange.

Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantageous to both methods of training.

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