Martial Arts Zenpo Ukemi

Forward, side, and back rolls.

Flowing side and back drops.

Ukemi taihenjutsu.

Sometimes however, the only place on has to go in terms of taking ukemi is straight down.

Caught out in the open sometimes there is only down.

Training from last Saturday explored this type of ukemi, working on nagare-making it as smooth as possible.

A few pointers.

Work with gravity and in the moment of movement, where you are, just drop. Time spend trying to get in a good position first could be wasted time. We always train with correct structure (kamae) for ukemi, but its also good to practice other ways for when that structure might be off.

If you have to get to the ground, get to the ground.

As one takes ukemi, focus on the spine and curvature of the bod- getting to the ground as flat as possible.

And once from there, taihenjutsu (body change) for what might come next.

Fluidity to roll and get up into kamae from any of the other methods of rolling.

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