Omote Gyaku Dori

Moving into the chi ryaku section of training we begin to come across numerous martial arts waza- locks, throws, projections, & retrains.

But how should we approach them?

Perhaps from the perspective of how these *waza* manipulate the structure of our training partner- preventing them from moving, completely shutting down the ability to move, so opportunity is created for us to escape.

We should continue the waza to the end- with our training partner immobilized and unable to move- omote gyaku dori being an excellent example of this principal in play.

Taking your training partner down, and restraining the arm so they are unable to move.

One key component is the distance as the transition is being made from the wrist/arm lock to the ground. As your training partner moves, you have to *move* with them down to the ground, so that the moment they land, perhaps even a moment before, the *dori* part comes on.

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