San Shin No Kata Practice

Beyond the forms of the san shin no kata as found in the ten ryaku no maki section of training, what are a few more ideas that we can explore with this set of movement while still practicing the san shin no kata?

Practicing the movements as a form of warm up and junan taiso excessive. Long, big, and deep movements performed slowly. Paying attention to the feeling of the movement and how it feels in the joints- specifically the hips, knees, and shoulders. Are we moving in a relaxed manner with no tension?

How is the flow?

Another area to explore is to use the san shin no kata as a way to build up endurance- specifically in the hips and legs. Using the kata as a kind of body building.

Really deep and low movements, while making extra sure of correct knee and leg alignment. Practicing the san shin no kata for thirty minutes at a brisk pace.

Another area to explore is performing the kata with various training tools– katana, tachi, bo, jo, etc. Utilizing the properties of these tools, powered by the movements of the san shin no kata.

See you on the mat!

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