The Most Important Martial Arts Skill

In the dojo as I was approaching black belt, I was given a special training task from my teacher.

Go and train with the three senior black belts in the dojo.

They are going to train with you for one hour, and in that one hour they are going to share with you what they think the most important martial arts skill is.

Imagine you are going on a journey and for the next year, all you will be working on is that one thing- how would it improve you in the martial arts?

Reflecting over my own training, how would I new answer that training question?

One hour to impart the most important martial arts skill?

The basics.

The kihon in the Japanese martial arts.

Every martial art, regardless of style, school, or tradition has the basics- fundamental movements of distance, timing, balance, postures, and footwork.

The building blocks of all future techniques and methods of transmission.

Practicing these *basics* as a part of every training session so one is working on the building blocks of all martial arts movement- positioning to be in the best place for that next lesson.

See you on the mat!

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