Understanding Bushido

What is the way of bushido?
Bushido is the way a person conducts themselves in the martial arts both in the dojo and outside the dojo- it is a way of life.
In saying that, bushido is just something that is “understood” by the culture and situation, it is not something academic that one just learns and then puts into practice like mathematics or learning another language.
The problem with bushido from a western perspective is that we have not grown up with it in our society, and it is a foreign custom- especially when those around in you society don’t follow it themselves.
Taken a step further, many martial arts schools don’t teach or illustrate its principals in their lessons since the ethos of their martial arts has stripped away all the culture and “stuff” that powers the martial arts in the first place.
Why even bother to follow bushido then? As a relic of a past time, let it be a relic of a past time- put it away in a museum…
Then you are missing out on the culture and thinking that created the very arts you are trying to learn. The things that are just understood between students and the student/teacher at the higher levels. If one can’t understand these simple things, how can one understand the higher levels of martial arts?
Bushido still has great value if you are serious about studying the martial way.

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