Understanding Ninjutsu Philosophy

In our ninjutsu martial arts training one comes across a number of phrases and poems- banpen fugyo, fudoshin, ninpo ikkan.

These phrases impart a certain mindset, understanding, and fighting spirit in the training, so how are they learned or incorporated?

For many, the first attempt at understanding them in academic, as this is how one is taught to learn new material. Look at our academic institutions for this type of learning model. Intellectual, study the material, have it explained by a professor, pass a test.


Unfortunately the martial arts is the exact opposite of this.

A better approach would be to think of the martial arts as moving philosophy. In each training session, over time, various feelings are re-enforced through movement and action. This created a deeper current or feeling in the martial arts which can naturally be understood through the movement.

A kind of moving meditation.

Over time these phrases and poems which highlight the philosophy of the ninja are *invoked* through the training, and at the same time, empower by it.

One understands the philosophy, not by study, memorization, or intellectual approach, but rather by just enduring the training.

Ninpo Ikkan!

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