Vertical Kamae: Moving Through Martial Arts Postures

Jodan, chudan, and gedan in the martial arts- high, medium, and low.

When practicing kamae (martial arts postures) we often start at the jodan- high level.

Move into posture, receive an attack with taihenjutsu and apply waza.

Some of the more traditional forms of kata have us sitting in seiza or fudoza- gedan level in practice.

But what about chudan?

That mid level?

Practicing kamae from sitting on a bench or chair.

Strikes and locks from moving out of the seated position and into the seated position.

Using the stability- the physical stability of the chair or bench to add momentum to the technique.

Adapting the vertical levels- you might be seated at chudan, but your training partner standing at jodan level.

What changes and is dynamic in the movement?

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