Your First Year In The Martial Arts

You have just started your martial arts journey…

A time of amazing moment, enthusiasm, and potential for growth.  In this post we are going to explore a training outline for the first year, taking advantage of that momentum, and focusing on getting you as far as possible as fast as possible.

Two vital points to keep in mind during your first year.

Number one.

Every martial art has what is called the “basic”- the kihon.

A set of movements, drills, and ways of moving the body that reflect the building blocks of the style.

The kihon IS the style.  Daily training in the kihon, polishing and improving the movement is always important regardless of how many years of training, but at the start it is vitally important.

In the martial arts you will of course be learning more vs. just the kihon, but don’t lose sight of making that the foundation of your training.

Especially for the students that neglect early on kihon training and develop either bad movement habit or sloppy movement habits in the martial arts.  Going back and fixing incorrect movement is MUCH harder vs. making sure it is correct in the first place.

Number two.

Use this first year to listen, observe, and absorb.  Questions lead to thinking and are important in the martial arts, but don’t worry so much about explanations or the “why” in the movement.

Trust in the art and the kami that guide it.

Focus on doing the movement and don’t get side tracked by intellectual analysis .

Always put the movement first before the theory at this point in your training.

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