Training in our martial arts group is open to those over 18 years of age who are looking to commit to a serious study of the Japanese martial arts as expressed through the Bujinkan dojo method.

The aim of the application process is to ensure that both the applicant and the group are a positive and good fit for each other with a chance for ample questions and reflection before committing to study.

The first step is to express an interest in membership along with any questions or clarifications through the contact form at the bottom of this site. Please use an email address that you would like any responses sent to so we can be sure to respond to your inquiry.

From there an application will be sent and once submitted a time to meet and discuss any additional questions will be extended.

Traditionally an invitation to watch a class is encouraged as part of the last step before a final decision for membership is made for both the applicant and group.

Additionally we welcome any questions, comments, and feedback which may be directed through the contact form below.