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Martial Arts Stretching Routines

Martial Arts Stretching Routines

Why is stretching important in the martial arts?

What is your martial arts stretching routine?

As we practice the martial arts, we should also be looking to increase the range and flexibility in our movement, leading to a wider range of safe movement, and allowing more martial arts options in our movement.

Stretching and regular walking is one way to do this.

A good recommendation is to work on the warm up and cool down before and after training practice with a stretching routine focusing on the major joints, and the smaller joints of the body used in your martial art.

Building on this consider adding a daily morning and evening martial arts stretching routine- 10 minutes or so when waking up and before going to sleep.

The first routine is to prevent injury and increase blood flow before training, while the second routine is to work on increasing your flexibility and range of motions over time.  

Another good training tip is this-

As you practice the martial arts, pause while working on techniques or movements and take a moment to *feel* where you are tight in a range of motion or stiff in your muscles. Taking not if any, add these points to your stretching routine.

See you on the mat!

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