Learning Ninjutsu

What is it you want to ask me?

You have been quiet aroud the dojo for the past month, what is going on?

It’s not my place to ask.

When are you going to teach me ninjutsu?

I have been teaching you ninjutsu, for a few years now after you learned the kihon happo and the san shin no kata.

I have been very specific about it.

If we started with just the names of the waza and the strategy, you would focus on that since it is *ninjutsu* and miss catching the feeling.

When it is time and the names become important, as in not necessary, I’ll tell you.

Wasn’t I correct about notes being a waste of time?

One of the lessons?

You have to be able to jump six feet, as a start, at a minimum.

Good, but not horizontal like that, vertical.

Standing in shizen and leap up six feet, taking the posture of fudoza in the air.

That is the first lesson of ninjutsu.